simon cordery

Simon Cordery is professor and chair in the Department of History atMonmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois, where he teaches modern Europeanhistory.  He earned degrees in history from Northern Illinois University,the University of York, and the University of Texas at Austin.  He alsostudied at the British Studies Centre, Canterbury, England, and at theFolger Institute, Washington, D.C.

He worked for three years in the nation’s capital as a researcher andeditor before returning to graduate school. His research fields aremodern British social and political history; the transatlantic worldafter 1830; and American labor history. He has published two books,British Friendly Societies 1750-1914 (Palgrave, 2003) and Mother Jones:Raising Cain and Consciousness (University of New Mexico Press, 2010),and articles in Biography, the Journal of British Studies, and LabourHistory Review.  He has presented scholarly papers in France, GreatBritain, Greece, and the United States.

He is married to biographer Stacy A. Cordery, and they have one son.