Marcel Sim was born and raised in NY and worked as a public servant for over 20 years, as a Paramedic, Firemen and a Police Officer in New York City, Arizona, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Marcel played an intricate part during the 9/11 attacks, setting up the first Treatment and Triage location at Ground Zero, out of Fire Station 10.

Marcel took early retirement from the NYPD and landed in North Dakota – first Fargo and then Bismarck. Marcel works for the Lincoln Police Department, operating the police/paramedic unit. He also is part of Angel Air Care Helicopter in Bismarck, as a Flight Paramedic. Marcel is a licensed Architect and an NDSU graduate. He lives in Bismarck, ND.Marcel has been married to Robin for 8 years, and they have two daughters, Sarah and Sophia.