Senator Kent Conrad has dedicated his life to serving the people of North Dakota, starting with his six years as North Dakota’s Tax Commissioner before his successful 1986 bid for the U.S. Senate. North Dakotans have sent Senator Conrad to represent them in Washington, D.C. in five successive elections.

His public service to North Dakota and the nation has won him acclaim for his effectiveness and budget acumen. Time magazine featured Senator Conrad as one of “America’s Ten Best Senators,” The American magazine ranked him as one of “10 Most Economically Literate Members of Congress,” and the Bismarck Tribune called Senator Conrad “the most influential senator North Dakota has ever produced.”

A fifth-generation North Dakotan, Senator Conrad was born in Bismarck and attended Roosevelt Elementary and Hughes Junior High. After serving as the North Dakota Tax Commissioner for six years, he was elected to the United States Senate on a platform of “Yes, We Can!” optimism and a common sense approach to federal policy.

During his 20-plus years as an advocate for North Dakota in Washington, D.C. Senator Conrad helped write the 2002 and 2008 Farm Bills, wrote health care policy that ensured continued access to hospitals in rural areas, and fought unfair trade practices that hurt North Dakota’s economy. He has introduced comprehensive energy legislation that would make the United States more energy independent.

Senator Conrad has bipartisan respect as an expert on federal budget matters and is considered a leading Congressional “deficit hawk.” With the Democrats winning the majority in the Senate in November 2006, Senator Conrad is now the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee.