Jenette Nelson

Jenette Nelson holds a Master’s degree in Learning Disabilities from Minot State University as well as a Bachelor degree in Home Economics from NDSU.  She also studied Design at the University of Minnesota and other institutions.  Her career in education includes years of classroom teaching, consultation and administration.  She served as the director of Northern Plains Special Education Unit for 10 years.

When she viewed the North tower of the WTC collapse on 9/11, knowing that her only daughter, Ann was in there, many of her dreams died.  No longer could she dream about Ann’s wedding, her children, or the many mother-daughter times she had hoped they would share in the future.  Now her dreams would be about supporting the remaining members of her family and helping build a world where no parent could ever lose their child in the way that she had lost hers.  To that end, she designed and taught a Peaceful Conflict Resolution course in the Stanley Public Schools.  Students, grades 7 – 12 received direct instruction and they paid it forward by putting on programs for the elementary students and neighboring schools.

Mrs. Nelson’s educational background as a trained mediator as well as her studies in child development, psychology, and family relationships proved to be valuable resources in this endeavor.

She started her teaching career in 1963 in an inner city school where conflict of every type abounded.  She saw then that much could be learned from conflict, and it could help us grow if we could learn to deal with it without hate and violence.

She and her husband, Gary, have also supported the building of a school for girls in Afghanistan, for she believes that education and understanding will be important ingredients in diminishing the violence that surrounds us.

She feels that her most important role has been being Scott’s and Ann’s Mom.